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Advanced Treatment Systems and More!

In addition to septic and sewer line services, Bob's Septic Service Inc also provides services related to advanced treatment system and jet plant system. Rely on our more than 20 years of experience and benefit from our quality services.

The primary difference between the functioning of a septic tank and an advanced treatment system is the type of bacteria used in the active part of the process.


Advanced treatment systems use aerobic bacteria to digest the solid waste, which requires a huge amount of free oxygen to live and grow. Packaged plants with their 3 separate chambers are set up to create and maintain that oxygenated environment.

How does an advanced system work?

The pretreatment compartment receives the wastewater, partially treats it, and gives it to center treatment compartment. This is technically referred to as the “bioreactor" that contains a jet aerator. This equipment injects air into the liquid to provide oxygen, which spurs the huge number of bacterial microorganisms (biomass).


The biomass digests the suspended solids, converting the wastewater into odorless, colorless liquid and gases. The clarifying compartment keeps fine particles left over from the digestion process and returns them to the treatment compartment, leaving only a clear, odorless, highly-treated liquid for discharge into the surrounding soil.

How does a jet plant function?

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